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Meeting Name: BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Agenda status: Approved
Meeting date/time: 2/4/2003 9:00 AM Minutes status: Approved  
Published agenda: Not available Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
Meeting video:  
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03-00150 A-1)Honorary ResolutionAdopt a resolution proclaiming February as Black History Month and honoring local African American Public School Educators.Pass Action details Not available
03-00142 A-2)Honorary ResolutionAdopt a resolution recognizing February 5, 2003 as National Girls and Women's Sports Day.Pass Action details Not available
03-00141 A-3)Honorary ResolutionAdopt a resolution celebrating the Santa Barbara African Heritage Film Series February 20-23, 2003.Pass Action details Not available
03-00145 A-4)Honorary ResolutionAdopt a resolution proclaiming February 2003 as Children's Dental Health Month.Pass Action details Not available
03-00151 A-5)Honorary ResolutionAdopt a resolution honoring Ethel Anita Roberts on the occasion of her 85th birthday.Pass Action details Not available
03-00140 A-6)Agenda ItemAccept and file annual financial statements audited pursuant to Government Code 26909 as of the year ended June 30, 2002 for the following Cemetery Districts: Carpinteria, Guadalupe, Los Alamos, Lompoc, Oak Hill, and Santa Maria.Pass Action details Not available
03-00129 A-7)Agenda ItemConsider recommendations regarding a Maintenance Agreement and Notice to Property Owner with Hanson Aggregates Mid-Pacific, Inc., Fifth District, as follows: Acting as the Board of Supervisors and the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara County Flood Control & Water Conservation District: a) Authorize the Chair to execute the Maintenance Agreement for maintenance of private basins and drainage improvements with Hanson Aggregates Mid-Pacific, Inc. (formerly known as Kaiser Sand and Gravel Company), owners of Davis Unit Mining Operations, 86-CP-106 RV01 and 86-RP-006 RV01; and Acting as the Board of Supervisors: b) Authorize the Chair to execute the Notice to Property Owner for APNs: 129-110-24 and 129-210-26 to record on the title of each property that surface mining will occur as described in the Land Use Permit. Pass Action details Not available
03-00153 A-8)Agenda ItemApprove Budget Revision requests. (SEE EXHIBIT A WITH POSTED AGENDA)Pass Action details Not available
03-00130 A-9)Agenda ItemConsider recommendations regarding the Carpinteria Clinic Addition located at 931 Walnut Avenue, Carpinteria, First District, as follows: a) Approve the CEQA Notice of Exemption under Section 15301 for minor alteration to an existing facility; b) Approve and execute the Communication Site Lease Agreement and Memorandum of Agreement with Nextel of California, Inc. for the placement of cellular antennas on the Carpinteria Veteran's Memorial Building at 941 Walnut Avenue in Carpinteria for a lease term of up to 26 years beginning on February 1, 2003. Nextel shall pay the County as rent one dollar per year; c) Accept the Grant of Easement conveyed from the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District to the County of Santa Barbara for six parking spaces at 911 Walnut Avenue, Carpinteria, also known as Santa Barbara County Assessor's Parcel Number 004-047-016, by authorizing the Clerk of the Board to execute the Certificate of Acceptance attached to the Easement Deed.Pass Action details Not available
03-00131 A-10)Agenda ItemApprove and execute the attached Lease Agreement between the County of Santa Barbara and Sprint PCS Assets, LLC for the placement of a wireless communication facility, consisting of radio equipment cabinets and cellular antennas, on the roof of the Betteravia Government Center building located at 2125 Center Pointe Parkway, City of Santa Maria. The lease is for an initial period of approximately ten (10) years, commencing upon execution of this Lease by the Board plus two renewal periods of five (5) years each that may be exercised upon mutual agreement by County and Sprint. If all the renewal periods are exercised, the lease will expire on January 31, 2023. Sprint will pay to the County a base annual rent of $19,200.00. There will be a rent increase of three percent (3%) during the first ten (10) years of the lease and a five percent (5%) rent increase during years 10-20 of the lease. If all the lease renewal terms are exercised, the total lease revenue will be approximately $550,000, Fifth District.Pass Action details Not available
03-00133 A-11)Agenda ItemAuthorize the Clerk of the Board to execute the Petition for Voluntary Merger of two County-owned properties (APN 004-047-017 and 004-047-002) into one parcel in connection with the Carpinteria Health Clinic Addition project (No. B12001/8626), First District.Pass Action details Not available
03-00135 A-12)Agenda ItemConsider recommendations regarding a 2003 Community Development Block Grant Application, Second District, as follows: a) Adopt a resolution approving a $500,000 General Allocation CDBG grant application to the State Department of Housing and Community Development and authorize the Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development to submit the grant application to the California State Department of Housing and Community Development for infrastructure improvements for Mercy Housing's St. Vincent's Garden Family Community at the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 154; b) Authorize the Director to execute all documents required for submittal of the CDBG application, grant agreement, drawdown of funds, submittal of minor amendment requests and grant administration.Pass Action details Not available
03-00139 A-13)Agenda ItemAccept the Grant Deed for real property (open space) near Greenwell Avenue and Lilly Avenue in Summerland by authorizing the Clerk of the Board to execute the Certificate of Acceptance (APNs 005-690-023 and 005-690-024), Summerland area, First District.Pass Action details Not available
03-00134 A-14)Agenda ItemApprove and execute an Agreement with County of Ventura Public Health Department for professional services as a subcontractor for the Tri-Counties Cancer Detection Partnership (formerly the Breast Cancer Early Detection Program), for the period of July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003, in the amount of $106,350. Pass Action details Not available
03-00138 A-15)Agenda ItemApprove the continued Local Emergency, Resolution Number 00-193, due to the spread and on-going epidemic of blood-borne viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections among injection drug users and authorize Pacific Pride Foundation as the agent of the County to carry out the Syringe Exchange and Education Program. Pass Action details Not available
03-00128 A-17)Agenda ItemApprove and execute an amendment to the agreement with ACS, Inc. (not a local vendor) adding an optional service component of Childcare Administrative Services and modifying the third performance measure to ensure necessary services are provided and performance is measured appropriately with no change in the overall contract amount for the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program.Pass Action details Not available
03-00132 A-18)Agenda ItemReceive and file the 2002-03 Second Quarter (October-December) report on the Treasurer's Investment Pool.Pass Action details Not available
03-00137 A-19)Appointment/BOS itemApprove the appointment of Mary Ellen Brooks to the Commission for Women, Third District.Pass Action details Not available
03-00143 A-20)Appointment/BOS itemApprove the appointment of James Mathes Rohde to the Mental Health Commission, Third District.Pass Action details Not available
03-00146 A-21)Agenda ItemHEARING - Review, execute and submit a response letter from the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors to the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, to the request for information and comments on the August 10, 2001 application submitted by the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians to the Department of the Interior to have land removed from County jurisdiction and taken into trust by the United States Government (Fee-to-Trust Application). (EST. TIME: 15 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: APPROVEPass Action details Not available
03-00147 A-22)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider the second quarter Fiscal Year 2002-03 Budget Update and FY 2003-04 Budget Workshop No. 4, as follows: (EST. TIME: 2 HRS. 30 MIN.) a) Accept and file, per the provisions of Government Code Section 29126.2, the Fiscal Year 2002-03 Financial Status Report as of December 31, 2002 showing the status of appropriations and financing for all departmental budgets adopted by the Board of Supervisors; b) Accept an update on the forecasted FY 02-03 financial condition on June 30, 2003, a presentation on significant current budget issues, including an update on FY 03-04 State budget proposals and receive a series of alternate financial strategies for FY 03-04; c) Approve a proposal to fund the remaining $1 million needed by the Sheriff's Department to pay for Deputy Sheriff equity adjustments which went into effect in July 2002 and January 2003. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: APPROVEPass Action details Not available
03-00152 A-23)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider recommendations regarding County Workforce EEO Statistics and Revised Sexual Harassment Prevention/ Discrimination Policy, as follows: (EST. TIME: 40 MIN.) a) Receive report regarding the current County workforce gender, race and ethnicity data compared to the 1990 Census figures; b) Review and adopt the Anti-Harassment Policy for the County of Santa Barbara. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: APPROVEPass Action details Not available
03-00125 A-24)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider the adoption of a resolution proclaiming additional portions of the Botanic Garden, located in Santa Barbara, California (APNs: 23-340-13, 23-340-14 and 23-340-15), as an historical landmark. (EST. TIME: 45 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: POLICYPass Action details Not available
03-00148 A-25)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider recommendations regarding the Comprehensive Planning Division 2003-08 Five Year Work Program, as follows: (EST. TIME: 45 MIN.) a) Continue work on completion of in-progress and nearly-complete multi-year projects including the 2003 Housing Element Update, the Santa Ynez Valley Community Plan, the Isla Vista Master Plan and Redevelopment Plan amendment, the Williamson Act Agricultural Preserve Uniform Rules Update, and amendments to the County's Grading Ordinance and Guidelines related to the Rural Resources Protection Program, including the environmental analysis and legislative process of those Plans and Programs; b) Defer new work items that were to begin in Fiscal Year (FY) 2003-2004 to the following FY year or later, due to budget constraints on General Fund contributions. Those projects are: The completion of a Development Impact Fee study and legislation to update those fees (see "D" below); research and publication of the Jobs/Housing Balance Newsletter and the Endangered Species Newsletter; initiation of a multi-year Lompoc Community Planning efPass Action details Not available
03-00149 A-26)Honorary ResolutionHEARING - Receive a program overview and preliminary outcomes from Dr. Shane Jimerson, Principal Investigator from the Graduate School of Education, University of California Santa Barbara on the Challenge II NEW VISTAS program and receive presentation of the California State Association of Counties Merit Award to the Probation Department for their work in developing the Santa Barbara Assets and Risk Assessment instrument. (EST. TIME: 10 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATIONS: APPROVEPass Action details Not available
03-00127 A-27)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider the 2003 Child Friendly awards, as follows: (EST. TIME: 45 MIN.) a) Adopt a resolution proclaiming April "Month of the Young Child"; b) Adopt a resolution proclaiming April "Child Abuse Prevention Month"; c) Present the Child Friendly Awards to selected individuals from each supervisorial district; d) Present County-wide Child Friendly Group Awards to selected groups; e) Approve establishment of the "Hedy Damery Service to Families" Award to be presented each year along with the Child Friendly Awards; f) Adopt a Resolution of Commendation for the recipient of the 2003 "Hedy Damery Service to Families" Award. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: APPROVEPass Action details Not available
03-00119 1)Agenda ItemHEARING - Recognize 12 employees who have earned Certificates for meeting the training criteria as set by the Santa Barbara County Employees' University. (EST. TIME: 20 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: APPROVE  Action details Not available
03-00031 2)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider recommendations regarding proposed Utility Undergrounding District along Baseline Avenue between Alamo Pintado Road and Lewis Street, Ballard area, Third District, as follows: (EST. TIME: 10 MIN.) a) Ascertain the need for forming the utility undergrounding district and to consider adoption of a resolution creating the proposed utility undergrounding district. b) Consider adoption of a resolution creating the proposed utility undergrounding district. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: POLICYPass Action details Not available
02-01171 3)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider the Farr appeal of the Planning Commission's August 28, 2002 decision to deny the Patterson Area Neighborhood Association's (PANA) Appeal 02APL-00000-00003 of the ARCO Gas Station project (99-DP-052), an approximately 1,327 square foot gas station and associated fueling pumps, located on the corner of Patterson Avenue and US Highway 101, Second District, as follows: (EST. TIME: 30 MIN.) a) Grant the appeal, and deny approval of Development Plan 99-DP-052, as revised at the PC hearing of August 28, 2002; b) Adopt the findings for denial of the project, included as Attachment A of the report dated March 6, 2003. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: POLICYPass Action details Not available
03-00006 4)Agenda ItemHEARING - Officially recognize employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service achieved in 2002 per the resolution adopted February 4, 2003, and present service awards to South County employees in categories of 20 years of service and over and department heads and elected officials in categories of 10 years of service and over. (EST. TIME: 1 HR.)Pass Action details Not available
02-01215 5)OrdinanceHEARING - Consider the adoption (Second Reading) of an ordinance amending Chapter 23, Sections 23-15.2 through 23-15.6, of the Santa Barbara County Code, pertaining to speed limits on certain County Roads, based on recommendations of the Traffic Engineering Committee, First, Second, Third and Fourth Districts. (EST. TIME: 5 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: POLICYPass Action details Not available
03-00154 6)Agenda ItemHEARING - Consider the following recommendations forwarded by the Legislative Program Committee: (EST. TIME: 25 MIN.) a) Adopt the County’s Federal Legislative priorities for the 108th Congressional Session: Comprehensive Advocacy Issues: CDBG Entitlement Status – Continued Advocacy TEA-21 Transportation Project Funding – Continued Advocacy Emergency Operations Center Funding – Continued Advocacy Gaviota Coast Funding for conservation easements and/or acquisition – New Advocacy - may be linked to Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) which was previously an advocacy issue Lake Cachuma surcharge impacts – New Advocacy Monitor and Reporting Issues: Beach / Shore Erosion Programs – Continued Monitoring & Reporting Emerging Opportunities – New Monitoring & Reporting with direction to Waterman and Associates to specifically seek federal housing funding opportunities Leave the 3rd monitoring and reporting issue unspecified pending a discussion with Waterman and Associates regarding Indian Lands Fee-to-Trust issues; b) Continue to seek an amendment   Action details Not available
03-00155 7)Agenda ItemHEARING - Review, execute, and submit a letter from the County of Santa Barbara to Governor Gray Davis regarding re-negotiation of the Tribal-State Compact between the State of California and Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians. (EST. TIME: 10 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S REOMMENDATION: POLICYPass Action details Not available
03-00156 8)Agenda ItemHEARING - Adopt a resolution opposing the Governor's 2003-04 State budget proposal to permanently eliminate the Open Space Subvention Program. (EST. TIME: 10 MIN.) COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S RECOMMENDATION: APPROVEPass Action details Not available